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The smooth vocals of Rome Alexander have taken him to the top of the VTYO R&B charts, find out more about the Pittsburgh native!

Who are you?

Rising R&B/Pop Singer-Songwriter from Pittsburgh PA.

How did you get into making music?

My mom taught me how to play the piano at a very young age. I also started writing poetry when I was very young as a kind of release. As I grew older, I sort of combined the two until next thing I knew I was writing songs. Since then, I’ve tried to hone my craft just through relentless repetition– learning how to compose, produce, write, and sing.

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What’s the inspiration behind the song and music video?

The inspiration behind the song comes from relationships I’ve had as well as relationships I observe around me every day. Its about that person, be it a girlfriend, boyfriend, or anything else, that is there for you when you’re at your worst. No matter what is going on around you, that person is there by your side to make you smile and remind you that things are good.

For the video, we wanted to shake it up a little bit and throw in a bit of a twist storyline–which is why you see the two girls. The idea behind that is essentially me getting out of a relationship that really hurt me, then having that new girl who ‘brings me back’. But in my head I’m still kind of thinking about and seeing the other girl and it takes this new girl to snap me out of it and remind me that things are going to be OK.

What should fans look out for?

Right now I’m mostly promoting the new single and the video, but I’m working on some new music as well. Look for some Christmas music in the near feature, and then further down the road my next single, a free mixtape, followed by a full album.

Anything else to share? How can fans get in touch?

Biggest thing I want my fans to know is that I appreciate their support. Every time a person listens to a song or watches the video, I truly appreciate them giving me their time. So THANK YOU. To get in touch with me, @romealexander1 on Twitter, YouTube and newly Instagram. Or check out the Facebook page.