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After two weeks at the top of our VTYO Rock charts, we go behind the masks of the French doom-rock-ambient band The Von Deer Skulls. Get the scoop on their new Remix & Rarities album and more!

Who are you?

We are The Von Deer Skulls, a french based & masked band with members from different origins. And we play, as the press says, a mix of Doom Rock Ambient with some Indus & Post-Rock elements. We’ve released an EP, It’s Time To Paralyze, in the first quarter of this year and we will release an remix & rarities album on october 31, The Damned Chapter – Remixes & Rarities.

How did you get into making music?

All of our members make music for long time now, in various bands before TVDS, but we’re also interested in art in general. Peter is a painter & a filmmaker, he makes our artworks & videos. Also our sound is somehow very visual, because of our stage-costusmes, videos… it’s an important part of our music.

Vote for the BITCHES OF THE WOOD video and more THE VON DEER SKULLS music videos @ VTYO

What’s the inspiration behind the song and music video?

Inspiration comes from everywhere, movies we watch, band we meet & heard, book that we read… Art is everywhere, so it’s a mixture of all that we like.

This first video-clip is in fact a presentation of the band, of our music and our visual conception, with elements that we love and which defined our universe. Someone describe this video as: “A mix between Lynch, Primus & Blair Witch in a fantastic & decadent vibe. Fascinating voices, parsimonious digital subtleties and a surprising mix between cartoon & costumes have made it a success”. We don’t know if it’s really true, but we’re deeply moved.

What should fans look out for?

We think fans come first for the visual aspect of the band, because it’s intrigant. And they stay because music and visual are linked, it’s an art ensemble. If you’re really looking, auto-references can be find everywhere.

Anything else to share? How can fans get in touch?

Stay tuned, new things are happening for the end of the year, and others are in preparation for 2015, maybe a full-lenght with some collaborations. Also thank you for this interview and to allow to bands to promote themself & their videos.

We are on the web on different media. Fans can join us on FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/TheVonDeerSkulls, on our official website:
http://www.thevondeerskulls.com, on Twitter: http://twitter.com/VonDeerSkulls, on ZikCard: http://zikcard.com/thevondeerskulls, & of course on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheVonDeerSkulls.